How do Charter School Standards Affect Insurance Risks?

Posted on: December 17, 2014 by Charter & Private Schools Coverage

How do Charter School Standards Affect Insurance Risks?

Back in July, we published a post discussing how charter school insurance risks differ from public school risks. In the post, we talked about how charter schools are judged heavily on how well they’re able to meet the student achievement goals established by their charter contracts; in other words they are held to a higher standard than public schools. So, how does this affect their insurance risks?

It’s first important to understand all the factors that differentiate a charter school from a public one; charter schools typically include a college prep mission+, high standards for academics and character, a highly structured learning environment, and a longer school day and longer school year. There is also a stronger focus on accountability and data-driven instruction. These higher standards mean that both charter school staff and parents of students have high expectations. When expectations aren’t met or an individual feels that there has been an error or some type of neglect, lawsuits are likely to occur.

An important factor for your charter school clients to keep in mind is that charter schools, like public schools, are tuition-free. They are funded according to enrollment levels and receive public funds on a per pupil basis. This means that they do not have a limitless amount of funds; and therefore a lawsuit of any kind can financially devastate them.

In order to financially protect against lawsuits, it’s important to have a comprehensive Charter School Insurance Program policy in place. For more than 25 years, Care Providers Insurance Services has been offering a comprehensive, competitively priced insurance program for non-profit and social service organizations, including charter and private schools. We help keep these schools operating by safeguarding their assets, staff, and students. Please contact us today at (855) 790-7379 to learn more about the coverages we offer.

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