Abuse & Molestation Liability Insurance for Charter & Private Schools

Those charged with the care and custody of students attending charter and private schools are responsible for their wellbeing and safety. It’s our expectation as parents and the community that school authorities and their staff will implement and maintain high standards when it comes to protecting our children. But, as we know, there are far too many instances when children have been hurt and abused at the hands of someone in authority. This may include a teacher, counselor, volunteer, or tutor.

The Need for Protection

Claims of child abuse frequently allege negligence in three areas:

  • Failure to exercise sufficient care in the selection of staff
  • Failure to properly supervise the abuser
  • The school allowed the abuser to continue working with children after abuse was suspected

When something like this is alleged, it jeopardizes the child’s wellbeing, the school’s reputation and the ability to operate effectively.

Insurance and Risk Management Key

To insure charter and private schools against allegations of this nature, Care Providers Insurance Services provides abuse and molestation liability coverage as an integral component of our general liability policy. This must-have coverage responds to allegations of sexual abuse and provides for defense costs and indemnification up to $1 million per occurrence/$3 million in aggregate.

In addition to incorporating this critical coverage as part of our program, we offer through our Your Care Connection newsletter and other resources information to assist charter and private schools in protecting children from the threat of abuse as well as adults from false accusations. You can share this information with your insureds to help mitigate risk and stem losses.

Learn More About Our Insurance Program for Charter & Private Schools

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